Social Structure and its Components Discussion

Explain the significance of social structure and it’s components. What is social class and how do we see it manifested in everyday society? What are the symbols of social class? Is there a relationship between social class and culture? Give examples. Are there ‘unwritten’ rules of social class in society? What are those? How did you learn about social class, and what is the impact of social class on our society?

Submissions should be a minimum of four (4) pages. They do not need to be in MLA or APA format. These are response papers, but you are welcome to use external resources to supplement your argument. They need to be typed, double spaced, with no larger than a 12pt font. They are submitted as attachments, Only use .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf for your attachment. Blank attachments will be deleted.

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Feel free to use pictures or links to supplement but if you do please list these after the written portion of the essay. Photos, links to videos, and web links do not count towards the four page written essay.Late papers lose 10 points per day. Have fun and email with any questions.

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