SSGS300 AMU Narrowing Down a Research Topic

Need this quick question answer from my Professor.

Marc thank you for your response this week in the forum. In your response you state “Exploring the causes of juvenile delinquency will help in identifying the factors that motivate crime and perhaps the forms of crime that happen among young adults. I hypothesize that the factors that will arise while researching the causes of crime among young adults will have different levels of motivation among male and female youths. This could then explain why there are different percentages of youths from both genders who indulge in crime. In fact, the research could also be advanced to explain the causes of different crimes. This will provide finer details that will answer the question of why there are more males than females committing lethal crimes and also why the number of nonlethal crimes committed by female youths is on the rise.” How will you ensure that your topic choice is narrow enough for this research proposal? What are some obstacles you will encounter if your topic is too broad? Explain. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your response.

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