SSS756 CUA Reactive Attachment DIsorder In Children Effect & Treatment

Please read all attachments and ask me for clarification if needed. Reactive Attachment Disorder in children is the statement of the problem. EBP intervention that has been used in my paper is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. If you need the other of the paper , please ask.

You must use a minimum of 12 references, at least 10 of which should be from academic/professional, peer–reviewed journals. When possible, draw from the most current literature available (i.e., aim for peer–reviewed articles published within the last five years). Unacceptable sources of information include those from general websites such as Wikipedia and It is expected that if students choose to use electronic media, they evaluate websites in terms of, but not limited to, authorship, content, currentness, etc. Only include information that is pertinent to understanding the problem and EBP intervention that are the subject of your social work practice evaluation. Summarize, synthesize, paraphrase, and cite key points/findings. In addition, direct quotes should be used sparingly. Per The Catholic University of America’s Center for Academic Success, there are three instances in which the use of direct quotes is appropriate. See… for more information. All resources identified in your reference list must be cited in the text of your paper. Lastly, do not write in either first (e.g., I, we, my, our, etc.) or second (e.g., you, your, and yours) person.

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