Step 1: requirements | Computer Science homework help


Step 1: Requirements

Write a program that will input a phrase and convert it to pig latin. Put each word in a separate element of a string array. Remove the first letter from each word and concatenate it to the end of the word followed by “ay.”

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Sample Output from Program:


* You will be prompted to enter a string of *

* words. The string will be converted into *

* Pig Latin and the results displayed. *

* Enter as many strings as you would like. * 


Enter a group of words or ENTER to quit: Computer Programming is fun to learn!

Original words: Computer Programming is fun to learn!

New Words: omputercay ogrammingpray isway unfay otay earnlay!

Enter a group of words or ENTER to quit: Quit

Pig Latin Hint: 

If a word begins with one or more consonants, move the consonant or consonant cluster to the end of the word. Add the letters “ay” to the end of the word. So, “pig” would be “igpay,” and “latin” would be “atinlay.”

Step 2:Processing Logic

Using the pseudocode below, write the code that will meet the requirements.

Main function

Display the heading

While the condition is true

Prompt the user for group of words or Enter to quit

Display original words

Call function pigLatinString( )

End while

pigLatinString( ) function

Declare and initialize string variables len, counter, start, begin, word and newString

While condition is true

Call find() and pass a space and start as parameters and return the returned value

to start

if start equals to string::npos

jump outside the loop permanently

call substr() function

display the word

update newString

increment start by one

assign start to begin

End While

Call substr()

Update newString

Return newString

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