Strategic Management and Governance

Strategic Management and Governance
Strategic review and change of
management’announced that the Board of Directors of A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S has tasked their
management to perform a review focusing on the strategic and structural options for the Maersk Group with the objective of generating growth, increasing agilities and synergies and unlocking and maximising shareholder value with the long-term view. In this regard, the strategic review document of A.P. Møller –Mærsk
A/S has identified various strategic options.
(a) Identify and discuss various strategic options A.P. Møller –Mærsk A/S have
identified;(b) While discussing the ‘strategic fit
’of A.P. Møller –
Mærsk A/S’s erstwhile strategic
policy, analyse the need for the corporation to review their strategic options;(c) Critically review the viability of the strategic options identified on 22 September 2016 in their strategic review statement;
(d) If you were an industry analyst, would you have agreed with their direction of A.P. Møller
–Mærsk A/S to realise their long
– term objectives. Support your arguments
with examples, where relevant
Your response should cover the industry and firm characteristics;
Your response should relate to the resource
-based & industrial-organisation theories
;?Your report should use at least two of the strategic management tools (SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, BCG Matrix, etc.,).
Your response is checked up for its
coherent and sustained analysis, critical
perspective, balanced structure
, and definitive conclusion;
coursework is also checked up for an evidence of (a) thorough
understanding of th
management concepts and processes; (b)
originality; and (c) strong analytical skills;
Your coursework is also checked up for the use of references. You are advised to
desist from referring to non-academic, non-industrial sources SUCH AS (Wikipedia,blogs,

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