Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy, assignment help

Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy, assignment help.

Take any organization that you know – current employer, business school, the place you in-terned, a friend’s employer. Look at Exhibit 2.8 “Contrasting Maps of Microsoft and SAS.” Map your organization’s compensation strategy then compare it to that of Microsoft and SAS.

1.Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy.

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2. What are the key differences compared to the strategies of Microsoft and SAS? Or ask several managers in the same organization to map that organization’s compensation strategy. You may need to assist them. Then compare the managers’ maps.

3.Summarize the key similarities and differences occur?

4.Why do these similarities and differences occur?

5.How can maps be used to clarify and communicate compensation strategies to leaders? To employees?


Content: Excellent – Addresses specifics of assignment demonstrating critical thinking abilities by synthesizing research. A minimum of 3 scholarly outside sources used.

APA Formatting: All aspects of APA formatting followed.

Outcome Grammar, Spelling, Tone: Professional 3rd person perspective used with no spelling/grammar errors.

Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy, assignment help

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