Summary of Systematic Review Study

REMINDER – Preparing for Writing: Read the article again once without stopping. Then re-read the article and take notes in your own words. Create an outline for the paper using your notes. Do not look back at the article — avoid plagiarism. Then write the paper from your outline.

this outline will help you forming the paper:

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  • Article Reference (APA Formatted):
  • Briefly describe the methodology (1-2 sentences):
  • Summarize the main ideas from article in 25-35 words.Use complete sentences as if you were writing a very short abstract.
  • Describe 2-3 limitations of the study
  • Describe the practical clinical applications of the article (1-2 sentences)

The paper needs to cover the following areas:

Introduction: A one paragraph introduction needs to introduce the reader to the main topic of the paper. Why is this area of research important and what were the authors trying to learn?

Main Text: Pretend that the person who reads your paper has never read this article. What key points would your reader need to learn about the study design, methodology, results, etc. to understand the information? Organize your writing around those themes. Don’t waste time providing research details that aren’t necessary to understand the key points being addressed. Provide enough detail to make sense of the information, but not so much as to overwhelm the reader.

Limitations: Discuss any limitations the authors have acknowledged or that you have identified. What cautions should the reader take when interpreting this information? You can discuss any potential flaws in the design and/or the interpretation of results.

Clinical Application/Future Implications/ results: How can this information be used by the reader? Is more information needed? Briefly discuss how this study applies to clinical practice, and what future steps could occur to confim or extend this study.

Conclusion: After discussing the main themes, wrap up with a conclusion. You should tie your conclusion to the introduction.

Remember: You are not writing a SHORT repetition of this paper. You are not writing an abstract of only the research methodology. You are describing the important issues and findings of the article to someone who has never read the original.

no more 2 pages

APA Style

no headers required

doble space

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