ACC 351: Accounting Information Systems

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Instructor: Dr. M. Walters

Supplemental Prep Assignment. This assignment requires students to apply/research a selected course topic. Required Submission: Each student will be required to submit a write-up of work completed. Write-ups must be properly prepared, formatted, and submitted in accordance with instructions in the “Assignment Policies” documents posted on Blackboard. Write-ups must be submitted to Blackboard before 10:00 AM on the submission deadline date indicated on the course syllabus. Late, emailed, or hardcopy write-ups will NOT be accepted.


This assignment requires you to synthesize an understanding of AICPA Top Technology Initiatives (U.S.) (

Click the link labeled “Top Technologies” then download the detailed report for the current year in PDF format by clicking the available link for the survey results. Click the link on the top left labeled “Top Technology Initiatives Archives” to access prior years reports.  Note: Restrict your study to U.S. survey results only.

Briefly respond to the following:

1.  Tech Initiatives Survey (U.S. Only)  

  1. Purpose. What is the purpose of the survey?
  2. Participants. Who participates in the survey?
  3. Value. How is survey report of value to accounting professionals?

2.  Tech Initiatives (U.S. Only)

  1. Current Year. Review the Top Technology Initiatives for the current year. Define the top ten technology initiatives for the current year. Comment on the significance of the identified technology initiatives for accounting practice.
  2. Trends. Review the Top Technology Initiatives Archives for the previous three years. What central issues have emerged/prevailed over the past few years as significant concerns for accounting practice? Comment on likely reasons for the emergence/prevalence of such issues.
  3. Critical Issue. Which initiative(s) do you believe is (are) currently most critical to accounting practice? Explain.
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