TO DO: Please email your Survey Monkey link and link to data sources: Revenues posted on the date earned and Expenses posted as resources are used.


Describe data source(s) (location of data), if applicable. If an online survey, include the survey link(s) here.

Online Databases, Web, online survey Explain your access to data source(s), if applicable. (Permissions to online venues, email distribution, access to sample etc.)

The free version of will be used. Free published research on the Tax Policy Center Website will be used.The following is an example of free Online published research data that will be used: Maag, E. (2019, August). Shifting child tax benefits in the TCJA left most families about the same: Analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and options to benefit more low- and middle-income families with children. Tax Policy Center. Retrieved from publication/157597/shifting_child_tax_benefits_in _the_tcja_left_most_families_about_the_same_0. pdf

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