Tech case 1 | Business | University of Texas at Arlington

You must attach three items 1) word file for part A&B; 2) copy of your powerpoint slides and 3) recorded presentation. 

Have these 3 items ready before you are ready to submit  Feel free to reply again if you are unable to attach all in one post 🙂

A paragraph would be 6-7 meaningful sentences, in case you were wondering.

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Please check with the helpdesk if you need assistance with these uploads.  It is your responsibility to submit uncorrupted files.

If there are any issues with your files or submission, they cannot be graded. Failure to follow all instructions (e.g., using over-exposed innovations, etc)  will render your submission ungradable.

FYI: Below is some examples of tech cases presented by my students in a prior semester, just to give you some idea of what worked well.  Please do not repeat 🙂

Agricultural drones, Airplane, ATM, Augmented Reality, Bioprinting organs, Blockchain, Bose frames, Cerebrotech visors, Cloud computing, Contact lens, Eli Q Robot, Flip it, Flow beehive, Gocart, HVAC, Lancome colour foundation, Loudspeaker, Low emissivity glass, Micro LED, MRI, Multi-user rockets, Pacemaker, Pens, Printer, Screen reader, Spellcheck, Sprouts indoor garden, Stove, Typewriter, Uber, Walkman, Water technology, Wireless charging, Wireless electricity

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