Text analysis | Reading homework help

1.  Read the text: “Why We Speak Spanish in Public” by Marquez
 2.  Identify one or two arguments made in the text. USE THE TOULMIN STRUCTURE.
 3.  Give one or two examples of assumptions made in the text. In addition, do you bring any assumptions to judging these arguments?
 4.  What are the implications or consequences of the argument(s)? Consider the ethical issues involved.
 5.  What are the contradictions in language, data, and images? Give an example.
 6.  What mistakes in reasoning and logic are made in any of the arguments? Do some parts of the author’s argument not fit? Give an example.
 7.  Are the sources credible and accurate? Why/why not?
 8.  Do you have any questions for the text/characters in the text?

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