The Future of Information Security Discussion


Organizations must share data. As more and more corporations share information with each other, more and more vulnerabilities exist. However, consumers and employees do not completely own the data they generate depending on the context. For example, while a health record may be about you, and you have certain granted rights to view that record, you do not own the record. The vast majority of data on or about a person or company is not owned by that person or company.

Recall the text and other readings talk about data discounts. For example, if you plug in a data logging device to your car, you may receive an insurance discount. But, who determined the correlation between certain driving behaviors (e.g., rate of acceleration) and accident likelihood? Who vetted this research as factual as opposed to someone simply enjoying their sporty automobile? What other data is collected about my driving? Location? Can this data be used against me if a claim were to arise? Could that data be subpoenaed by an opposing attorney in an accident with injuries case to attempt to identify fault? Finally, if you opt out from data collection, is it fair to be penalized (e.g., pay a higher rate or not receive a discount)? The future of analytics-based decision making is here but is it a fair way to treat an individual; as a data point?

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Assignment Instructions

Write a 2-4 page paper (not including title or reference pages) with your thoughts and opinions based on what you’ve learned in this class on how the landscape of data privacy will change in the next 50 years as it relates to information systems and knowledge sharing. Include your thoughts on:

  • The role of government in data ethics, management, and security
  • The role of the organization in data ethics, management, and security
  • The role of the individual in having the freedom to choose how their data is used, levels of anonymity, and for how long their data is stored
  • What ownership rights should and shouldn’t coexist with one’s data
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