The Notion of Liberty Discussion

The Notion of Liberty Discussion.

****This is a two part discussion question****

***200 words minimum***

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Part I

The information that you will need for the discussion can be found in Case 5, p. 93-94; Case 25, p. 97; and Case 9, p. 110 of Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues. For one of these cases, identify the parties and the moral issue(s) at stake, keeping an eye out for similarities that it shares with the other cases. Concentrate on identifying the rights that are at stake. Are they liberty rights? Claim rights? If claim rights, against whom are the claims addressed? Try also, to see if there are any duties of natural law that you think are relevant.

**Case 5. On a Sunday morning in the spring of 2010 in New York City, a homeless man attempted to save a woman from an attacker and was stabbed in the process. For over an hour he lay bleeding on the sidewalk in plain view of passerby. Several people stopped to look at him. But no one helped him or called 911. The man died there. Evaluate the morality of the passersby behavior in light of what you learned in this chapter.

**Case 25.A large grocery chain orders its personnel department to screen out all grocery clerk applicants who have a prison record, a history of alcohol/drug abuse or mental illness, or a problem with obesity.

**Case 9.Several years ago a married couple, faced with tragic fact that the husband had terminal cancer, made an important decision: His sperm would be frozen so that the wife could conceive their child after his death. Three months after his death, she was impregnated with his sperm and subsequently gave birth to a little girl. The Social Security Administration ruled that the child was not entitled to receive benefits as his heir. At first thought, you might be inclined to just the ruling morally insupportable because the ideal fairness requires that this child be treated as any other heir. Resist that judgement until you have used your imagination to identify the significant consequences that would likely follow. (a) denying the child the status of heir and (b) granting the child the status of heir. Compare those consequences and make your decision.

Part II

In this week’s module we saw that the notion of liberty rights evolved out of medieval scholars’ reinterpretation of Roman law on the various forms of relation one can bear to property. The notion of a right that was developed was one that asserted an area of control over one’s life and was likened to the strongest form of property ownership recognized in Roman law. Do you believe you are related to yourself as to property? What are the implications of this view?

In this week’s AVP, you were asked the question ‘Do you think that you can use natural law to argue against the legitimacy of slavery? Why or why not?’ Provide your answer to that question here.

***Textbook: Ethical Choices An Introduction to Moral Philosphy with cases by Richard Burnor and Yvonne Raley***

The Notion of Liberty Discussion

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