The Role of HR in Global Business

The Role of HR in Global Business.

The Role of HR in Global Business

The management of a firm’s human resources represents a key strategic activity in a global business organization. People represent a firm’s most valuable resource and how they are selected, hired, trained, compensated, and retained plays a decisive role in determining how well a business is able to achieve its dual strategic imperatives of reducing its costs and creating added value for its customers.

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  • After reading your text material, visit the SHRM© website for the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • On the home page, select HR Topics and Strategies and then select Global HR. Examine this content and then discuss the following:
    1. How do you view the role of HR in the success of a global business organization?
    2. How do you believe the role of HR in a global organization differs from that of a domestic business? What additional HR challenges are posed by operating in a global environment?

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The Role of HR in Global Business

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