1. 5 page double spaced final paper using either APA or ASA writing style
  2. The final project will demonstrate students’ global engagement.
  3. Students will choose 1or all components of culture as it relates to hip-hop based on their own interests. (Symbols, Language, Norms, Values, Beliefs)
  4. A list of some potential subjects might include:
    1. the portrayal of women in the culture
    2. The Origins
    3. Race
    4. Identity
    5. Sexuality
    6. Art
    7. the role of Hip-Hop in politics
    8. Hip-Hop and war on drugs;
    9. Hip-hop from a global perspective.
    10. Cognitive Elements
    11. Vision
  5. The final paper will require an introduction, historical contextualization, five samples, a tie into class readings, additional research, a personal reflection on the chosen topic(s), and an annotated bibliography.
  6. The examples above are not everything you can write about, but it is designed to give you vision.
  7. Make sure that you spend some time in your paper tying in the components of culture to defend your argument.
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