The trial balance for pioneer advertising agency shows the following:

The trial balance for Pioneer Advertising Agency shows the following:


Trial Balance
October 31, 2010  
   Debit   Credit
Cash $15,346    
Advertising Supplies   2,362    
Prepaid Insurance 864    
Office Equipment 7,800     
Notes Payable     $5,007
Accounts Payable     2,362
Unearned Revenue     1,236
C.R. Byrd, Capital     10,080
C.R. Byrd, Drawing 478    
Service Revenue     12,813
Salaries Expense 3,879    
Rent Expense 769    


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Assume the following adjustment data.


  1. Advertising supplies on hand at October 31 total $530.
  2. Expired insurance for the month is $144.
  3. Depreciation for the month is $78.
  4. Unearned revenue earned in October totals $618.
  5. Services provided but not recorded at October 31 are $228.
  6. Interest accrued at October 31 is $87.
  7. Accrued salaries at October 31 are $1,489.


Prepare the adjusting entries for the items above.



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