The Triumph of Conservatism, 1969–1988

The Triumph of Conservatism, 1969–1988

You will write a 1000 word, double-spaced essay (plus title page, endnotes, and bibliography) based upon your analysis of four (4) primary sources.

Writing Your Paper
A well-written paper should consist of three main parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Your thesis statement begins the introduction. A well-written introduction tells your reader what theme you intend to discuss, the main points that you will develop in your body and provides a synopsis of the argument you intend to develop. Remember that an introduction may change as you write your paper because you end up talking about something different. Make sure you go back and modify your introduction to reflect this change.

In this section you must develop the ideas brought up in your introduction. Focus on your themes, do not wander aimlessly from sentence to sentence but instead adhere to a coherent structure.

Do not forget to include a conclusion. Often students will write solid essays only to have them fall apart due to the absence of a conclusion. A conclusion should succinctly identify the main points you made in your essay. A conclusion should also contain information absent from other parts of your essay.

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