Theology Essay

Theology Essay.

Theology Essay

I would like to write me 8-12 page essay using 6 more resources than the ones in Kindle from last time. The essay should be about Using the Hebrew and Christian scriptures as a point of reference, this course examines experiences of individuals and communities in the search for God. It involves two related questions that seek deeper understanding of the human experience of the Divine. First, building on the foundational questions broached in Theological Inquiry courses, this course asks: How do communities articulate their experiences of divine absence, divine presence, life and death in their search for God? Second, the course asks: How have different interpretive methodologies informed, enriched, and even problematized the theological language and religious symbols used to depict the Divine?”


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The paper is to be double spaced, left justified, one inch margins, written in Times New Roman 12.
The paper is to be 8-12 pages long.
References to sources are to be made using the same format throughout the paper. Most students are accustomed to MLA. The key to success in this aspect of the project is consistency.
There is to be a “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper (not included in the 8-10 page length) that indicates primary and secondary sources actually referenced in the body of the paper.


Both primary (the Bible, ancient writings, apocryphal gospels, etc.) and secondary sources (books, articles about the primary sources) are to be used.
There is a minimum of six sources required. The required texts may not be used as a source but recommended texts may be used.
Both books and articles should be utilized as secondary sources for this project.
Secondary sources should be of an academic nature.
Internet sources are fine as long as they are academic sources for example, Catholic Biblical Quarterly 
Internet sources must be of an academic nature and must be drawn from the Hannon Library databases. The ATLA Religion Database a useful place to start your research. For this students should use LibGuides.
A good Internet site for research is
Another good Internet research site is

Use the books in Kindle which are: 

1-Boyle, Gregory. Tattoos on The Heart: The Power Of Boundless Compassion.

2-Hussain, Amir. Oil and Water: Two Faiths: One God, ISBN 1-896836-82-8

3-Knight, Douglas and Levine, Amy-Jill. The Meaning of the Bible: What The Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us. ISBN 978-0-06-112175-3

4-Kushner, Harold. When Bad Things Happen To Good People. ISBN 0805237739.

5-A Bible: New American Bible or New Revised Standard Version

Go to Kindle and see the 4 books:


Password: Medo2017

Although you will have to use more 6 sources other than these books.

Work cited



Theology Essay

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