Traditional Vs. Modern Communication And Business Marketing Strategy

Unit 7: Application Assignment

Unit Learning Outcomes

ULO 2: Compare the differing roles of those receiving messages through traditional versus social media and how brand managers select social media. (CLO 2, 3 & 5)

ULO 3: Examine the causes of the convergence of the real and digital worlds and how this will affect the future of social media. (CLO 5)

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Digital marketing offers both vendor and consumer and one-to-one, interactive brand building and relationship opportunities. This has become an integral part of the promotional strategy of the marketing mix, and allows organizations to customize marketing messages to expanded segments of the target markets.


Mini-case studies: The students are expected to answer the questions associated with the case. These questions are intended to elicit thoughtful reactions to contemporary marketing strategy initiatives and challenges. The students are expected to carefully read the assignment instructions, then thoroughly and explicitly address each component of the corresponding case study questions.

The responses should reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation), which is essential for someone in any industry, as marketing decisions affect all levels and stakeholders within the organization and in the external marketplace/marketspace.

There is no minimum number of references that need to be utilized to support the completion of this assignment; however, it is generally understood that any good case study analysis will incorporate the appropriate quality and quantity of scholarly sources to support any suppositions and recommendations.

The submission will not exceed four (4) pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.

The document must adhere to the APA writing style.

Finally, the document should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to Submit Assignment.

Case Study: Stuff Dot Inc. – Rewarding Users for Actively Shopping and Sharing!

  1. Read the case on pages 561-563 in your text.
  2. Watch the video supplement to the case at link tv/13e/v19-5 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  3. Respond to the following case question. (Disregard the questions in the text.)

    You have been asked to consult with the StuffDOT marketing team. They are specifically looking to create “buzz” for StuffDOT and grow its user base most effectively. Consider the following objectives for your recommendations:

    1. They would like to have an analysis of their major competitors as well as whether recent actions have added to its product’s “userfriendliness.”
    2. They have asked you to make recommendations for:
      • using social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter)
      • changes needed to its own website
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