· Explain the term scope of practice and the importance of understanding your scope of practice as a Registered Practical Nurse. 

· Explore ONE of the listed specialties where RPN’s practice.

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o Palliative care, Medicine, Peri-Operative, Geriatrics, Primary Care, Mental health, Maternal Child, Pediatric, Community Care (Homecare), Public Health.

· Describe the role of the RPN in the specialty related practice setting.

o What nursing services do RPN’s provide in this setting? 

o What specific skills are unique to this practice area?

o Discuss the knowledge required for this RPN role, consider: 

§ continuing education 

§ additional training

· Define patient centered care within the context of the practice setting. Using an example discuss how patient centered care is enacted in the practice setting.

NOTE: Kindly take note that this is for the registered practical nurse and not the registered nurse. Canadian website only please.

This assignment will be submitted to turn-it-in

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