Unit 5 D1 & D2

Unit 5 D1 & D2.

Question 1

Reformulate Diagnostic Work-Up

We now revisit the case of Bill from the previous unit. Imagine you have conducted a second interview with him. After pondering the case presented in this unit’s readings:

  1. Reformulate your diagnostic work-up of Bill, given the new information in Part 2 of his case study.
  2. Describe your decision-making process in arriving at this reformulation.
  3. Evaluate the difficulties in accurately diagnosing personality disorders.
  4. Discuss the difficulties in obtaining accurate information about clients’ histories.

Review the Case Study Response Guide to assist you with this discussion.

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Individual Differences

Find and report on psychological literature that addresses these three issues:

  1. Discuss the role that individual differences (gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious commitment, age, geography, and so on) may play in behaviors or attitudes that might be considered signs of a personality disorder.
  2. Give examples to support your points.
  3. Examine in writing at least three of these individual differences, but give particular attention to one of your choice.

Be sure to cite references for each of these sections.

Unit 5 D1 & D2

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