Unit 7 db: your revision process (eng110 college writing) revision


Unit 7 DB: Your Revision Process (ENG110 College Writing)

Revision is an important part of the writing process. Once you have a draft of your essay, you can then begin editing and revising. When you revise, you might add more details, remove unnecessary words, or fix the run-on sentences. These are just a few examples of how you can revise your work.

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Initial Response: For your initial post, please select one part of your essay that you are currently working on that you think needs to be revised. Share 3–5 sentences from that part of your essay in this discussion. Your classmates will offer suggestions on how to revise this selection.Please consider the below bullet points when you create your initial post:

  • Why did you pick this part of your essay to revise?
  • What did you like about the selection you are sharing?
  • Finally, ask one question about the revision of this part of your essay that you would like the class and your instructor to answer.

Unit 7 DB: Employee Stakeholders’ Rights in the Workplace (BUS340 Business Ethics)

Select an employee right in the workplace from Chapter 7.  (RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS)

Give an example, based on your own outside reading or experience, of a situation involving this right.  Was it violated?  How?  What was the outcome?  What should the outcome have been?  Why?  

Unit 7 DB: Pollutants (ENV110 Exploring Environmental Issues)

Unit 7 DB: PollutantsMany people often confuse the hole in the Ozone layer with the Green House Effect.  Explain the difference between the two and how different pollutants are involved.  Discuss your personal experiences with pollutants and how you could make modifications to your lifestyle in order to reduce emissions. 

Unit 7 DB: Media Literacy in Everyday Life (COM107 Intro to Communication)

Define media literacy and why it is an important skill to hold today.  Discuss the impact of media on your personal, professional, and social life.  Is media a burden or blessing?   

Unit 7.1 DB: Psychological Disorders

Choose a psychological disorder from the DSM-V.  (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER)

  • Summarize the symptoms of the disorder.
  • What type of therapy do you believe would be the most successful in treating this type of disorder?  Support your opinion with research evidence.
  • Locate a current events or recent journal article on the disorder and share the key points (findings) with your classmates.
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