UNIT4Disc1 DUE 11.03.2020

UNIT4Disc1 DUE 11.03.2020Gathering the Data PresentationAt this point, it is important to gather data—especially government data. For this discussion, present two links you are using for your chosen problem and organization (or system), and describe one main insight you gained from each of these sites. How useful are the sources you identified for daily decision-making processes for human services leaders in this field?Rather than writing this discussion, for this post, create and upload a quick audio/visual presentation with 1–3 slides using PowerPoint (or similar software) and narrate your post using Kaltura (or similar software). To prepare:Write an outline or script of what you are going to say before you begin recording. Although you can pause or edit Kaltura videos, editing is limited—so, to sound professional, you will want to prepare.Only upload final versions of the recordings to the courseroom (rather than trials or practice runs). This helps prevent your My Media space from becoming cluttered.Create a transcript of your presentation. For any recording created or uploaded with Kaltura media, closed captioning is automatically generated within one day after you post a recording, but the captions alone may not be sufficient. To ensure accessibility to everyone, include your own transcript of your presentation as an attachment in the post.

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