Urgent american tutor to finish self assessment exercises

I am looking for someone to finish some self assessment exercises for an organizational behavior class. I have attached a few examples and directions on how these should be written. “OB Assessments” is the document I have uploaded that needs to be finished. I have already started on the document and it gives an example of how I write and what the assessments should look like. Every other document is an example and a great outline to follow. I would also prefer a tutor that has access to google hangouts and available for chat. This helps if they have a personal question or I have a question. Since, alot of the assessment may need personal background, it helps if the tutor is open and ask that information. 


The assessment answers should be thought based and not reference any outside materials. This is critical thinking and based on what you opinion is. 

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Please attach a “turn it in” plagarism report so that I may check to ensure there are no outside sources used. 

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