Use attached term paper and feedback from the professor to complete



From professor:

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“Opportunities to improve: 

1. Many Abstract APA formatting Errors 

2. Abstracts are short, 1 block of information, < 120 words 

3. Paper is Too short. Shoot for 10 pages of body. Expand your conclusion. 

4. Citations, You have a long list of references with only 1-2 in body citations. Include more quotes or sources of your statements. 


Student includes the following: • Required elements were answered in detail • Provide original thoughts • Provide examples or ideas from personal or professional experiences • Thoughts, examples or ideas are written in detail

Student writings are clear and relate well to the Big Ideas, Essential Questions, and Student Learning Outcomes

Student submits completed paper for peer review

Proper APA format, grammar and spelling complete with at least four literature citations

Demonstrates effective use of the full range of Information Systems technologies and processes.

Demonstrates critical thinking skills and appropriate project management techniques to identify, design, troubleshoot and/or implement new processes and solutions

Communication abilities are well developed, show practice and coherence across the presentation. Visuals are complete, easy to understand, and show mastery of presentation software.

Comfortable dealing with professional responsibilities. Able to make informed judgements based on legal and ethical principles.

Comfortable functioning effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership and meet objectives when engaged in Information Systems related activities.

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