Visual Activism

Visual Activism.

•This springs from the readings on protest art, culture jamming, performance interventions, and visual activism. This brainstorm session is intended to generate ideas for the next assignment on culture jamming/visual activism. In groups or individually, think about causes that you care deeply about. How are these causes currently addressed within visual culture? What activism exists right now on these issues? Consider what the following might look like:

1.Memes meant to spread awareness on the issue

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2.A disruptive performance intervention

3.An art installation that allows audiences to interact with the issue

4.Any other ideas you come up with for responding to these issues through visual culture

5.What does the future you want your great grandchildren to live in look like? What sorts of things are a priority in this world? Use this image of the future to generate ideas about memes, performance, installation, etc.

3 pages minimum

Visual Activism

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