Vulnerability analysis using nessus lab

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Virtual Labs:  Vulnerability Analysis

Consider what you have learned so far about Vulnerability Analysis as you review the objectives and scenario below.  Complete the lab that follows on EC-Council’s website using the link below.


This week you will be conducting network scanning, port scanning, analyzing the network vulnerabilities. You need to perform a network scan to:

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  • Check live systems and open ports
  • Perform banner grabbing and OS fingerprinting
  • Identify network vulnerabilities
  • Draw network diagrams of vulnerable hosts


Earlier, you gathered all possible information about the target, such as IP address range and network topology.

Now, as an ethical hacker, or pen-tester, your next step will to perform port scanning, network scanning, and vulnerability scanning on the IP addresses you obtained in the information gathering phase. This will help you to identify IP/host name, ports, services, live hosts, vulnerabilities, and services running on the target network.

Port scanning will help you to identify the open ports and the services running on specific ports, which involves connecting to TCP and UDP system ports. Port scanning is used to find out the vulnerabilities in the services running on a port.

Vulnerability scanning determines the possibility of network security attacks. It evaluates the organization’s systems and network for vulnerabilities such as missing patches, unnecessary services, weak authentication, and weak encryption. Vulnerability scanning is a critical component of any penetration testing assignment.

The lab for this week will provide you with real-time experience in network scanning and vulnerability scanning.

Week 4 Lab Assignment 1: Performing Network Enumeration using SuperScan.

Lab Task:

This lab will give real-time experience while using the Nessus tool to scan for network vulnerabilities.

Lab Description:

You have run different types of scanning on the target network that revealed open ports and services running on the target network system. Your next step will be to perform vulnerability scanning to detect possible vulnerabilities of the system in the target network.

So as a professional ethical hacker or penetration tester, you should be able to perform vulnerability scanning on the target network. This lab will demonstrate to you how to perform vulnerably scanning on the target network.

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Access the lab here: EC-Council | iLabs

Submit proof of this assignment completion by uploading and submitting a screenshot of the graded lab from EC-Council Labs. Refer to the Course Projects page for more information on project submissions. 

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