Vulnerable Populations- Class-Discussion

Vulnerable Populations

In the discussion board, describe an example of a successful health initiative worldwide that has had an impact on the health of vulnerable populations, i.e., women, children, elderly, disabled.

a   Describe the health problem.

b   Identify and describe a successful health initiative that has made an impact on vulnerable populations i.e. women, children, elderly, disabled.

c   Discuss the impact or potential impact on the health of vulnerable populations as a result of this campaign.

d   Identify and describe source of initiative (governmental, NGO or private) and discuss any collaborative partners

e   Share your personal global health, relief or mission efforts or interests. If you’ve been out of the country on a mission trip and would like to share your story, please comment this week. If you have not been involved in any global health or relief mission efforts, comment on your personal interests or potential future opportunities for missions.

•    Include references to support your discussion. Be sure to cite your references in APA format in text and at end of post. At least one reference in addition to your textbook is required for this posting.

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