For this week’s dialogue, please respond to prompt 1

Prompt 1

Using your text, the Bible, and outside research, discuss three biblical examples or principles that are reflected in today’s legal system and how they are relevant in today’s culture. You may also include examples of how our modern legal system does not mirror biblical situations or biblical principles.

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Cite a minimum of two scholarly peer reviewed sources (beyond your textbook or the Bible) applying APA guidelines (250-450 word-count range).

Hints/Requirements: for your Biblical examples of legal principles, you must include Deuteronomy 5:6-21 (the ten commandments) and then any two other examples or principles you may select. 

When it comes to today’s legal system, your answer should be limited (after all, this is the first week of the course, and it would be odd to suppose that you already know today’s legal system). Try your best to limit your discussion to only such elements of our legal system as are included in this week’s readings or to elements of law or “today’s culture” that are matters of common knowledge (be cautious not to introduce matters that are both beyond the scope of this week’s readings and are also somewhat speculative or not generally known).

Post replies to two of your peer’s initial posts. Your two peer replies should include either: 

  • additional research-based discussion that expands upon one of the key points noted in your peer’s initial post (if your peer’s initial post was in response to prompt 1) or 
  • additional thoughts based upon only the text or the Bible (if your peer’s initial post was in response to prompt 2).

Each of your two peer replies should be composed in a professional manner with a word count range of 150-350 words. Your initial post and your two peer replies stand as an integrated assignment in respect of timeliness and thus will only receive a full grade for timeliness if both assignments are completed on time. The timeliness of your own initial post and your two peer reply posts will allow your classmates sufficient time to consider, prepare, and post a substantive reply or follow up.

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