Week 5

This week you will develop the Marketing Mix strategies you recommend that East Chestnut Regional Health System will implement. Read instructions carefully. Some information is to be done individually and discussed in the team forum.After collaborations and exchanging of information in the team space, only one document is to be submitted in the team’s assignment link.Individually, create your marketing mix strategy by completing parts I–IV below.Part I: Product Strategy:Prepare a 150- to 300-word summary of your product or service strategy for a new or revised existing product or service you recommend that East Chestnut Regional Health System develop. Include the following:State your value proposition. Include the following elements:Customer valueCollaborator valueCompany valueExplain your product/service strategy. Include the following elements:Describe the new or revised product or service in terms of product/service features and resulting consumer benefits.Explain how the new or revised product/service strategy satisfies consumers’ needs.Describe how the product or service differs from that of the competition.Part II: Pricing Strategy:Prepare a 150- to 300-word summary of the pricing strategy for the new or revised product or service for East Chestnut Regional Health. Include the following:Description of your pricing strategy (How will you set the price for your product or service. For example, what do you plan to charge for a visit to the Women’s Health Clinic for a particular service provided?)Cost basis for your pricing strategy (What does it cost to produce or deliver one product or element of service, for example, to deliver one visit to the Women’s Health Clinic for a particular service provided?)Primary and secondary marketing research support for your pricing strategy (For example, what is normally covered by insurance? What does the competition charge for the same or similar service?)Part III: Placement Strategy:Prepare a 150- to 300-word summary of how East Chestnut Regional Health will distribute the new or revised product or service.Part IV: Promotion Strategy:Prepare a 150- to 300-word summary of your recommended promotional strategy for how East Chestnut Regional Health will promote the new or revised existing product or service you recommend. Include the following:Traditional advertising elements and budgetSocial media and online advertising elements and budgetWebsite usePublic relations strategy and budgetSpecial event and/or promotional elements and budgetDescription of a consistent, coordinated message to be presented through all promotional elementsPost your marketing mix strategy to your team forum for review.

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