Week 6 Work

Week 6 Work.

Discussion Forum 6


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Writing Commons – https://writingcommons.org/


Next week, you will need to conduct your interview that is required as part of the Profile Assignment. This week, I’d like you to use the Discussion Forum along with your readings and the instructions in the prompt to develop some good interview questions.

First, tell us where you will visit and with whom you will conduct your interview.

Second, please list at least eight questions that you intend on asking your interviewee. Make sure you refer to the advice in Writing Commons as you draft your questions.

When you reply to at least three of your peers (50 words each), indicate which questions you believe will elicit the best responses and why. If you have suggestions for further questions or follow-up questions, please provide them.


Writing Journal 6


As opposed to the first essay that we wrote for the class, this essay is a bit more traditional. It will have a conventional thesis statement (the dominant impression of the profession/place/person you profile), and you may have to think more deliberately about the organization of your essay. This week in addition to readings in Writing Commons, I’ve posted two professional profiles for you to review as examples. The first example is very short, and the second one, published just a couple of weeks ago is longer, but I’d like you to read them both.

For your Writing Journal assignment this week, I’d like you to write about what you’ve noticed in each essay that the authors do well. Do they consider things like what you may already know about the place, person, and activity they are profiling profiling? How have they decided what information to include and what will be most important or relevant for readers? Did you find the profile interesting? Why or why not, and how can you use what you’ve learned in your own profile.

This information may help you to shape your thesis and organize your essay once you have conducted your observation and interview. Please be sure this Writing Journal is at least 250 words and reflects the fact that you have read both profiles.


Readings Folder 3


Profile readings:

If you know Seinfled, you may know the “Soup Nazi,” this (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is the profile of the real Soup Nazi (also in PDF attached).

Another profile in the New Yorker worth readings is this (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. recent one of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (also in PDF attached).


END – Thank You So Much!

Also be sure to submit to files: Discussion_Forum_6.docx & Writing_Journal_6.docx


Week 6 Work

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