What is the link between economic growth and wellbeing, economics homework help

What is the link between economic growth and wellbeing, economics homework help.

I need short answers for the following questions:

What is the link between economic growth and wellbeing?

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SUMMARY: Germany’s trade surplus surged last year to its highest recorded level ever, thanks to a strong increase in exports combined with only a modest rate in imports. But net exports now contribute to over 8% of Germany’s GDP, leaving the country vulnerable to future changes in global demand for its products. Moreover, Germany’s trading partners have been complaining about the trade imbalance, and in the case of the United States could potentially respond with trade restrictions.


1- In national accounting what is the counterpart to net exports?

2- What does this say about German savings and investment patterns?

3- Would trade restrictions work? Why?

SUMMARY: Inflation in Egypt has hit its highest level in a decade, as a depreciating currency and falling government subsidies put upward pressure on consumer prices. The annual urban inflation rate hit 28% last month, courtesy of rising food, energy, and import prices.

4- What is the difference between core inflation and headline inflation?

5- As a central banker, interested in long-term inflation trends, what could you say about the underlying inflation in Egypt?

Trump’s Harder Line on Mexico Casts Shadow on Long-Term Growth Picture

SUMMARY: President Trump’s macroeconomic policies threaten Mexico’s economic growth both this coming year and in the long run. The renegotiating of NAFTA and new immigration restrictions have lowered the value of the Mexican peso, Mexican business investment, and economic growth projections for 2017.

6- Using the growth accounting formula, through which channels is Mexico’s growth more likely to be affected?

In need of higher revenues to pay for infrastructure maintenance and expansion, the government is exploring an increase in capital income, labor income, or consumption taxes. Explore each of the alternatives, and which would you recommend?

What is the link between economic growth and wellbeing, economics homework help

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