When you click on a template

Question 1 of 10


When you click on a template, a preview of the template appears in the __________ pane.

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 D.none of the above    




Question 2 of 10


10.0 Points


Additional templates are available from which of the following?


 A.Office Online               


 B.Microsoft Office supplemental disc   


 C.Microsoft Office installation disc         


 D.all of the above




Question 3 of 10


10.0 Points


A cover sheet may be inserted from the __________ group.












Question 4 of 10


10.0 Points


To insert a cover sheet, choose an appropriate design from the Cover Page gallery.






Question 5 of 10


10.0 Points


Once you have opened a Memo template, you simply key your text in the      provided.


Question 6 of 10


10.0 Points


Which of the following disables typing, editing commands, and proofing marks for a document?


 A.Encrypt Document    


 B.Restrict Permissions 


 C.Mark as Final


 D.all of the above          


Question 7 of 10


10.0 Points


Personal data, hidden data, and other unwanted information are located in a document for removal using which of the following?


 A.Compatibility Checker             


 B.Inspect Document     


 C.both a and b 


 D.none of the above    


Question 8 of 10


10.0 Points


When a document is password protected, only the person who created the document may access the file.








Question 9 of 10


10.0 Points


The Mark as Final command is not a(n)      feature; anyone who receives an electronic copy of a document that has been marked as final may remove this status.






Question 10 of 10


The Document Inspector can remove comments, hidden data, and           data.



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