Wk5 Individual Project

  • 700–1,000 word document
  • Click here for the Chicago Police Department Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting Web site.Do the following:

    Step 1: Select a date range.

    Step 2: Click on “Beat”

    Step 3: Select Police Beat and a Precinct # – Click “Go”

    Then, follow these steps for a different beat for the same 2-week time period.Using variables such as mode, median, and mean on the available data, create a memo covering the following topics:

    • Administrative Analysis: Compare the data, and include demographic data, especially socioeconomic data and the impact on criminal activity. (Week 2)
    • Tactical Analysis: Explain how tactical analysis can prevent and deter crime. Explain the differences of patterns, series, and trends, and discuss modus operandi. (Week 3)
    • Strategic Analysis: Discuss possible causes for the criminal incidents, and examine possible policing strategies to reduce the criminal activity. Focus on a specific issue, and discuss what budgetary and personnel allocations need to be addressed to resolve this issue. (Week 4)
    • Also, examine if modus operandi or criminal trends are prevalent.

    ReferenceChicago Police Department. (n.d.). CLEARMAP citizen law enforcement analysis and reporting. Retrieved from http://gis.chicagopolice.org/

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