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Work Ethic Self-Evaluation/Evaluation

Southern Crescent Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, located south of Atlanta, delivers relevant technical education, adult education, and learning opportunities via various instructional modalities at the associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels to promote service, workforce development, and economic development. Each work ethic is key to your success as a student and as an employee. After reflecting on the ten work ethics and your progress throughout this course/program, evaluate your work ethic and discuss what steps you will take to continue or improve as a student and employee. 


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  • Attendance
  • CharacterDisplay a high level of effort and commitment to performing and completing work
    Be honest in all situations
    Demonstrate trustworthiness and responsible behavior
  • TeamworkEncourage and facilitate cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity
    Foster commitment and team spirit
    Facilitate cooperation
  • AppearancePresent a neat, clean appearance
    Practice personal hygiene
    Wear clothing suitable to the job, task and environment
    Wear full regulation uniform, if required

    AttitudeDisplay a willingness to cooperate and accept constructive criticism
    Set realistic expectations

    ProductivityObserve established policies on safety
    Notify proper authorities of circumstances or situations presenting potential safety hazards
    Maintain equipment and supplies
    Do not use or knowingly permit others to use tools and equipment improperly
    Make up missed assignments in a timely manner
    Stay on task and utilize time constructively

  • OrganizationPrioritize and manage time effectively
    Demonstrate flexibility in adapting to changes
  • Communication – Communicate accurate information to others in a professional and courteous manner
    Demonstrate appropriate nonverbal communication skills
    Listen attentively to others
  • CooperationConvey a willingness to assist others
    Work to resolve conflicts and to identify solutions in which all parties benefit
    Demonstrate concern for treating people fairly and equitably
    Follow the chain of command in resolving conflicts
  • RespectTreat instructors, staff and fellow students with respect, courtesy, and tact
    Do not engage in harassment of any kind
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