World Literature Short Essay

For my world lit class, please follow the instruction. Just need one of these. It dose need to be high-level writing because my writing skill is poor. please see below:

Short Essay Options: Choose ONE (around 500 words) Use specific examples from the text when possible.

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  1. Women and female characters in general are often portrayed as subservient figures in ancient patriarchal myths and stories. They can just as often play key roles, however, whether in advising the male protagonists or in moving the action along in important ways. Choose two female characters from our reading and compare and contrast how they function in the story. Do they have a voice? Who listens to them? What kind of power do they have? Who do they have to defer to? What is their role in the story? Do you think this says anything about the culture that produced the story?
  1. Many of our readings have involved key scenes of humans interacting with divine beings or forces. Choose two of these interactions or relationships and compare and contrast them. What does the story tell us about that culture’s view of gods, goddesses, or divinity in general? What does it tell us about that culture’s view of the nature of the universe and humanity’s place in it?
  1. Many of our readings are examples of “wisdom literature”, or texts which attempt to answer the question, “How should we live?” Choose two examples from our reading and compare them. What key values are they attempting to get across to the reader or listener? What values do they seem to have in common? What are the most important differences? Which one resonates more with your own views? Why?

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