Write a 2-3 page memo

Barbara Maddock, the Director of Information Technology, stopped you on your way to lunch to inquire about ways to evaluate some training. She is planning some training in the area of providing better customer service in the technical support center. You had to rush off to a meeting, so you told her that you would send her a memo outlining some ways to evaluate the training.

In 2-3 pages write a brief memo explaining the major concepts of evaluating and validating training to the Barbara Maddock, the Director of Information Technology.

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  • Be sure to explain the concepts in such a way that someone without a comprehensive background in training will understand the ideas and be able to apply them. (If you must use training jargon, be sure to provide an explanation).
  • Address the 4 levels of evaluation: Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation
    • Reaction: Measures how the trainee felt about (or reacted to) the material and the way in which the material was presented—this is sometimes referred to as a smile sheet.
    • Learning: This measures what the trainee has learned as a result of the training. This may be in the form of a test, a paper, and or a project.
    • Behavioral: Measures how behavior has changed as a result of the training
    • Return on investment (ROI): Refers to the level of evaluation that determines whether the organization benefited from the training in which it invested.
  • You should include an example to help demonstrate each level.
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