Writing a conclusion 2 | English homework help


Strong beginnings and endings have the ability to persuade readers to read through and to believe the writer’s argument. Spend time crafting, revising, and editing your conclusion.

The Concluding Paragraph is a summary of the most interesting highlights, including the hook. There is no new information. Remember like a bad ending to a pretty decent film, you do not want to leave your reader unsatisfied by providing a weak or rushed conclusion. Spend some time giving your reader one last reason to believe your argument/assertion.

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  • Summarize at least 2-3 sentences of the most interesting supporting details and/or evidence. Present them in a new way with new words and a new word order; in other words, the reader should not recognize sentences from earlier.
  • Restate the thesis in a new way with new words and a new word order. The reader should not recognize the thesis statement.

***Conclusion should be about the environment***

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