You are designing a program

You are designing a program to study rainfall over a 3-year period. The program should use a NESTED loop to total the amount of rainfall each year and show the annual rainfall for each of the 3 years in chart format similar to the following chart (example data only). Attached is a file with 3 years (36 months) of monthly rainfall data. You may use this data file or create your own. The program should redirect the input to your data file. You may submit the program in Raptor or use pseudocode (Raptor does not support FOR loops). Hints: You will need an accumulator variable, two counter variables, and an input variable to accept the rainfall amount each month. Be sure to test the program and make adjustments as needed.

Year Total Rainfall (in inches)


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Year 1 34

Year 2 28

Year 3 36

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