Your client needs an application to


Your client needs an application to that can display either the heads or tails of a coin. You need to create an application with a Show Heads button and a Show Tails button. When the user clicks the Show Heads button, an image of the heads side of a coin should appear. When the user clicks the Show Tails button, an image of the tails side of a coin should appear. The following figure shows how the application’s form should appear after either the Show Heads button or Show Tails buttons have been clicked.
Think carefully about your implementation. In particular how the form will look when the application firsts starts. Should any coins be showing?. For this question a GUI has been provided by the client. Make sure you implementation matches the clients requestThe client has supplied the images to be used. To achieve full marks, your solution must:Meets the client requirements specified above;
Work correctly;
Contain appropriate comments;
Use appropriate indentation; and
Follow conventions for naming variables and controls

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