​​Should governors have centralized power, and Should state court judges be appointed for life,?

simply answer these two topics/ set of questions with a title for both. doesn’t need to be in MLA or APA format.

Should governors have centralized power, particularly when dealing with crises situations? Or should the formal power of the governor remain relatively weak?

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Write 12 sentences on this topic with a header!

Federal judges are appointed for life. Most state court judges must be elected to either attain or retain their positions. (a) Should state court judges be appointed for life, or should they continue to be elected and selected? or you can write about the second part of this discussion: (b) The judicial should be nonpartisian, but lately the executive branch, as well as congress, seems to support justices that follow their political beliefs; should the Senate choose a candidate that will uphold the Constitution or vote more for a candidate that follows their political views?

Write 12 sentences on this topic with a different header/title !

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