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What is Precis Writing?

Precis Writing is a summary or digest. It is useful as an exercise in grasping the essential ideas of an already completed composition and instating these ideas in concentrated form. A precis writing is a gist of any passage in as few words as possible.

A precis should mention all important details of the original paragraph so that anyone who is reading it is able to understand the idea of the original passage. The precis writing should be an organization of ideas (including logical sequencing of points), contain clear and meaningful expression, and use language suitable to the situation.

Your precis writing should only cite the article you are reviewing. When finished, the precis should summarize a single scholarly article on the selected topic. In precis writing, you must be objective and maintain the theme of the passage without excluding the important points. Comprehend the passage carefully to conclude about what is important in an article or a story.

Precis Writing