​ Providing Effective Feedback

​ Providing Effective Feedback.

Providing Effective Feedback

Although managers provide feedback informally on a regular basis, many organizations require a more formal review process as well. Often conducted annually, these reviews allow for both the employee and the manager to discuss past achievements and set goals for honing or improving skills. Reflect on a formal review that you have received. Did you leave feeling motivated or discouraged? For this discussion activity, place yourself in the role of the employee receiving the feedback.

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Consider a formal evaluation that was completed on your performance. What were the positive and negative aspects of the experience? Analyze the information you received. How useful was it beyond the actual event? Did you incorporate any of it into future behavior?

What are the key elements in a formal performance review and why are they included? Compare the components of formal evaluations with informal evaluations.

Note: You do not need to directly answer these points in your Discussion post, as they serve only to begin your thinking process; however, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Answer the following question!

  • How can you as a manager balance the tension between honest evaluation of employee performance and motivating employees through supportive feedback?
  • What effects can negative feedback have on an individual?
  • How can you use actionable feedback to motivate people? How do you know that an employee has understood your feedback?
  • How can you structure team evaluations in such a way that individuals have personal accountability for their contributions to a project?

All work in APA format with proper citing!


Addressing employee performance problems: 7 steps to success. (2010). HR Specialist: New York Employment Law, 5(1), 6.

​ Providing Effective Feedback

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