. Paper requires the

use of APA formatting. The paper should be double spaced with 1” total margins on all four

sides. This includes the Header and Footer margins as well. Please use standard Times New

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Roman or Ariel 12 Pt Font.

paper requirements

APA Format – cover sheet headings, in text citations, bibliography all in APA format.

(Hint: MS Word will do the formatting for you if you choose the APA style guide

and insert your citations and bibliography using its reference tab.) If you do not know

how to use APA exactly, refer to the Style Guides Module. 15 Points

Citations – in text citations and those in the bibliography should match. If they are

mentioned in the bibliography, then they should be in the paper. 10 Points

Used at least two separate HR Resources from the list shown in Style Guides &

Resources Module used as rationale for aspects of plan in text and cited on back:

10 Points (Hint: SHRM is full of online resources to assist.

https://www.shrm.org/ )

Length at least 8 pages maximum of 10 pages. This excludes the cover page and

bibliography. It counts the heart of the paper only10 Points.

Well organized report overall with subheadings (introduction, topics, summary) 10


Writing composition quality (no weird font changes, correct grammar, followed

Business Writing Pointers on Canvas etc.): 10 Points

Balanced view of the topic chosen. Include not just what others say are the pros and

cons of the issue, but also what you personally think. 10 Points

Cover the full who, what where, when, and why of the topic. (Example: Who started

the movement to have FMLA? what was the intent of FMLA? When did it start and

when were any major changes or clarifications given? Why FMLA what was

happening that this legislation was needed? 20 Points

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