1 DB2

1 DB2. Plato opined that two “visions” of the same form of the good cannot be different, but can you agree that not all ideas are equal? That is, if someone says that the Earth is a sphere, and you insist that it is flat (not the Tom Friedman kind of “flat”), is there really an alternative idea that deserves your attention? The challenge, then, is agreeing on a yard stick or measuring device of some kind that enables you to assess ideas that are relatively equal while discarding those that are not.

In Aristotle’s Theory of Golden Mean, ethics is centered at a person’s character, because by improving it, we also improve our virtues. A person must have knowledge, he must choose virtues for their own sake and his activities must originate from a firm and unshakeable character, which represents the conditions for having virtues. But cannot one argue that, without a firm and unyielding set of circumstances under which you will act this way or that way, there are no moral guides. That is, can you argue that each moral or ethical dilemma is situation-dependent?

Focus your discussion on the following:

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  • What are the fundamental bases for business ethics?
  • Can  business ethics be taught?
  • How do business ethics differ or mirror individual ethics?

Using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) from Bloom’s Taxonomy, respond to the prompts. Be sure to demonstrate mastery of the course content through the use of analysis, synthesis, and the application of ideas.

1 DB2

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