1. Strategic Decision Making 2. Initiating The Project

section:  1 /   subject: Strategic Decision Making /500 word APA format

Read The Cohesion Case (“Coca-Cola Company, 2018”) at the end of Chapter 1 and then do Exercise 1A “Update the Coca-Cola Cohesion Case” (Coca-Cola Press Releases can be located in the “Events, Reports, and Releases” tab on the Coca-Cola website).  This is a one-page, double-spaced assignment.

Then go to the end of Chapter 2 and do Exercise 2A and 2B “Write a Vision and Mission Statement for the Coca-Cola Company.”  This is a minimum of one-page, double-spaced assignment.

After completing Exercise 1A from Ch. 1 and Exercise 2a and 2 B from Ch. 2, submit your work in this discussion forum.  Discuss your work and the work of others on these assignments by typing peer replies (200-word minimum each).  As a class, attempt to refine the vision and mission statements to provide optimum suggestions for the Coca-Cola Company.


Section: 2 / subject: Initiating the Project / 350 words

note: textbook:  Kloppenborg textbook

Project vs Operations Exercise

The attached document will provide you with a template to complete this exercise. Additional instructions are in the template.

Part 1: You will provide an essay answer to the following questions: What is a project? What are ongoing operations? How are they alike? How are they different?

This essay should be a minimum of 2 pages double-spaced, 12 point font, Times News Roman with 1 in. margins. The essay must be properly cited per APA format. The Kloppenborg textbook must be your primary source but other sources may be used to supplement the textbook (not replace it). If the source provides the same information that is in the textbook then it is not necessary to be utilized.

Part 2: You will research news sources to find examples of projects and ongoing operations. You will find two of each (4 total). This section will be single-spaced  12 point font, Times News Roman with 1 in. margins. Each of the four article reports must be 1/2 page in length and fully provide the information required. You will provide the required information on the article discovered. This information includes:


News source (APA reference):

Web address:

Brief Description:

Why is this a Project? or Why is this Ongoing Operations?


Section:3 /subject: Initiating the Project / 500 word APA format

  1. Using an example, describe a project in terms that are common to most projects.
  2. You are given a project to manage.  How do you decide whether to use a predictive or adaptive approach?
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