1700-2000 words Assignment. The assignment about the smart transportation system.

1700-2000 words Assignment. The assignment about the smart transportation system..

 Criteria Comments to students Marks
Abstract  Abstract includes research questions, approach/s taken; major results, implications, and where appropriate limitations    
Introduction Outlines project topic, context and the research requiredWhat was done and why?    
Interim Report: Methodology & Results: Outlines research strategy and tasks Consistently explains why specific topics and material are usedEvidence of a comprehensive and systematic search and selection of material Appropriate content is covered in depth.Significance of sources to project is clearBody sections are primarily written in student’s words with more commentary and/or analysis than quotes or paraphrasing.    
Interim Report: Discussion and/or Recomendation: The preliminary research (Lit Review or Discovery Phase) collected and reviewed was noted Some critical evaluation and synthesis of the sources provided: relationships; contradictions, gaps etcImplications for the project topic are outlined: ie from information found how will this shape further project tasks and activities?    
Conclusion Clear, precise conclusions made based on the review. Insights into the problem are appropriate. Clear how this influences the rest of the project    
Writing style: references; organisation, mechanics, references and citations included and used appropriatelyreferencing and writing style appropriate for a 3rd year studentdocument looks professional. ideas follow in a logical manner. clear, concise, and coherent presentation of idea with correct English: spelling, grammar, and punctuation.    
Interim Draft Report Student has demonstrated that an appropriate level of effort has been completed and has coherently reported project activity during the first six weeks of the unit.    

1700-2000 words Assignment. The assignment about the smart transportation system.

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