2-3 pages essay about article “minor league lifer john shoemaker has

Mini essay about the article wrriten by Bill Plaschke. (critical thinking exercise)

After read the article, answer two questions.


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1. From the author’s point-of-view, what is the theme (message) of this essay? 


2. From your point-of view, what is the theme of the essay? In your paragraph, make additional point or comments showing that you have done some critical thinking about the subject or theme of the essay- this usually means you have to form a strong opinion. Do not just retell the writer’s story. more than one pages


pls separate two questions into different paragraphs. 


Go deep, make clear, concise points, and be specific,please. (Could use direct quotes from the article.)

 important:  Critical thinking.

please read the article before writting. 

Article source below


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