2 page paper due by tomorrow october 20th | diseaster management | Nova Southeastern University

Callahan, J. R. (2009). Emerging biological threats: A reference guide. ProQuest Ebook. (Chapter 5). 

To access this article please click on the link below from the Nova Southeastern Library.

https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/novasoutheastern/detail.action?docID=494962 (Links to an external site.)

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Discussion Question: Plant Diseases (10 points)

The unit reading plants are susceptible to various naturally occurring diseases in the form of viruses, bacteria and fungi. If a terrorist were to introduce a “weaponized” disease into the United States,

  • could this cause a catastrophic agricultural event? 
  • Is there a particular crop which could prove devastating to the United States’ food production and economy? 
  • What would those results look like?
  • Has this been attempted yet?
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