2 page paper on one of the following films.

Your writing assignment will be based on one (1) film that you choose from the selection below. All papers must be: two (2) pages; double-spaced; 12pt. font; number each page and include your first and last name; separate title page with your name, class and date; and have correct spelling and grammar. Please follow these guidelines as this will count toward your grade.

Films: American History X (1998) Monster’s Ball (2001) Brokeback Mountain (2005) Schindler’s List (1993) Gran Torino (2008) John Q (2002) Higher Learning (1995) Transamerica (2005) Mean Girls (2004) (If you have a film that’s not on the list and that you’d like to write about, it must be approved.)

Please answer the following questions in regards to the film that you choose:

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Explain the sociological perspective in this film. (Sociological perspective focuses on how people are influenced by the world around them).

Which character made the most significant change? Was it positive or negative? Explain.

What are the social issues the characters are faced with throughout the film?

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